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Friday, 9 May 2014

Scrapbooking the start of a personal journey

Yes, you can now find us on Bloglovin"

Many of you will know that whilst I have taught Scrapbooking for a long time now, I haven't worked on a new scrapbook of my own since my children were small (the eldest is now 29!). So I decided now is the time to start, and thought you may like a teeny peek into me & my family.

I can see me having very many scrapbooks in the end since I have a HUGE box full of photos and even more digitally.

This is a photo of Steve & me when we got married. We had a very private wedding, with just our 2 best friends and their partners as witnesses. Both Steve & I have been married before, and we just wanted to formalise our commitment to one another. It was a very emotional occassion as I had been on a long and difficult journey leading up to the moment we made our vows in 2000.

I picked this photo as it was such a natural pose and such a frequent occasion that we giggle with one another. But it wasn't until I photographed the page that I realised it looks rather like we are in the Royal Box at Buckingham Palace .... he he!

Next is this amazing photo capturing our daughter .... stunning is the only word for her ... inside and out. I used this page as part of a presentation to the Guild of Essex Craftsmen where I am not only a member for my Fabric Craft, but we are now members for our Papercraft. We collected our certification of membership at last nights AGM.

I love this photo as it was photographed with me and my sons just after my first marriage broke down. I used the colours in my baby boys plaid shirt. Leslie is our eldest son who is coming up to his 30th Birthday later this summer. We have 4 children between us and we are SO proud of each and every one of them.

An finally, this photo is me at just 21 years old and taken shortly after Leslie finally came home after a difficult birth and postpartum fight for his little life. He has faced many challenges in his life, including living with Asbergers Syndrome and serious spinal cord problems, but he doesn't let it stop him living a fulfilling life.

My next challenge will be to get some pages done of our 3 grandchildren. We hope there will be many more of them with time as they are so precious.

We also have Christopher (the other little boy pictured with me and Leslie in the third page above)  and his partners wedding next month and I feel there will have to be a complete album just for that event.

I hope you have enjoyed reading a little about me and my family? If you have, but don't as yet have your own scrapbook(s) .... do think about it. There will be many tutors like me, all over the world, that will be happy to teach your the skills you need to keep memories alive. By using archival inks and acid free papers and cardstock, they could still be around in decades to come. Think of your great, great, great grandchildren finding such an album and finding out about their family ... think about it ....

Let me know if you would like to join one of our scrapbook classes here in Battlesbridge, Essex UK

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