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Thursday, 10 April 2014

MDS: Change Punch Shape (+playlist)

My Digital Studio Tutorial #8

Those of you familiar with card making and scrapbooking, will no doubt be familiar with the use of punches to cut out shapes of cardstock, Decorative papers, foil and vellum. They only punch out the one shape, but they are always the same shape and size. In contrast, the punch shapes in MDS can be made to any size you like. You can get different shaped label punches, hexagonal, oval, round, heart ... well the list goes on ... They are used in place of Die (metal shapes with a blade that goes through a die cutting machine to make regular co-ordinating shapes) but produce the same end result.

What can seem difficult is how you can change the punch shape. When I began working with MDS, I became quite frustrated in how to change the punch. Now I am female, so one would think I would read the instructions ... but no ... I am a visual learner and hate reading text ... so I found my way there in the end. Fortunately for you, there are now short video clips for each function within MDS to show you how .... and the one below will do just that.

Please feel free to contact me if you are still having trouble with getting to grips with MDS and I will do my best to help. Just send me an email

This card is using the Starburst Punch which have been made into different sizes

And this one uses circle punches that have been increased/reduced in size to what I wanted for the project

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